Work Projects

Lead programmer, perforce server admin, and project manager.

A Fallout Shelter inspired take on Assassin's Creed: Build up your HQ, recruit assassins and send them on challenging missions.

Created with Unity3d , for iOS and Android.

My main responsibilities were in-mission gameplay programming, specifically the Assassins' Skill System and Combat System. I also worked on UI programming and layout, backend API extensions, optimization and general debugging.

An open-world action-adventure game set two years after a devastating global pandemic.

Created with a heavily customized Unreal Engine 4 , for PS4.

Our first task was a mid-game side mission, where I implemented enemy gameplay and AI code. Our next task was adding more animal types to the world. For cougars, I implemented their AI code, integrated animations and updated their animation state machines.

At RK4K, children and teens learn programming fundamentals and various languages through remaking classic video games. During my employment as an Instructor, I was doubly hired as a Course Contractor to create two new courses for RP4K. Both courses are designed for high school students with significant programming experience looking to challenge themselves.

Students learn the basics of the Unity3D Game Engine and build upon their previous C# experience at RP4K to create a 3D "Endless Runner" game, like the popular Subway Surfers or Temple Run games.

The highest level course offered at RP4K: experienced students learn how to make a capable 2D C++ Game Engine. Students expand their C++ knowledge and get introduced to Software Engineering fundamentals.

School Projects

A simple, minimalistic tile matching game for Android, written in Java.

A competitive local multiplayer brawler in Unity3D. Four children and best friends play King of the Hill and let their imaginations run wild. An ongoing project, even after we graduated!

Personal Projects

This very website! Built using a variety of modern web dev tools and resources.

An Entity Component System (ECS) framework for Unity3D.

Birch Forest

My main side project, a 3D character-action game a la Bayonetta or God of War. I get to wear many hats (director, producer, designer, programmer). However, I hired some very talented artist friends to make everything come to life.

During the Twitch Plays Pok√©mon zeitgeist in early 2014, a friend and I asked ourselves, "Did we just see the creation of a new game genre?" Two hours later we had three pages of design notes. A year later, we had a GDD (Game Design Document), a story, concept art, a Unity3D-inspired game engine prototype written in JavaScript & NodeJS, and a tight-knit team of fellow student programmers and artists.

Create, place and edit dynamic grind-able rails for extreme sports games like Jet Set Radio or Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.