Unity3D Endless Runner Course

Students learn the basics of the Unity3D Game Engine and build upon their previous C# experience at RP4K to create a 3D "Endless Runner" game, like the popular Subway Surfers or Temple Run games.

  • Introduction to Unity3d
  • Introduction to C# Scripting
  • Importing Assets
  • Building the Road
  • Moving the Road
  • Moving the Road, Continued
  • Moving the Player
  • Obstacles
  • Obstacle Collision
  • Jumping
  • Animating with Mecanim
  • Score and GUI

Math & Physics Topics:

C# and General Programming Topics:

Unity3D Topics:
  • Navigating the Editor
  • C# Scripting
  • The GameObject / Component Model
  • Resource Loading
  • Prefabs
  • Tags
  • Input
  • Rigidbodies & Colliders
  • Handling Triggers and Collisions
  • Animation with Mecanim
  • Legacy GUI

  • More info (and a video!) can be found on Real Programming 4 Kids' website.

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